Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alcoholism Recovery Tips

When I have a strained family relationship with someone and yet I want to have that relationship -- and yet know it will probably never be a "good" one-- I can begin to accept that life has mostly gray areas, not black and white. Accepting life on life's terms means, for me, to also accept that sometimes "a" relationship is better than "no" relationship. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes.

"Sometimes, when I look back at something I've done and I do not think that I did my best -- sometimes, that WAS my 'best'. I just don't like the results! Obviously, my next task is to pray for acceptance about what's done (so I can let it alone, and not gnaw on it) -- and to pray for guidance about what to do next."

"Suppose I do not have the courage to change something that really does need to be changed in me? There is not something deficient about me if I do not have something in me that inherently has that courage. Courage is granted to me by my Higher Power. So all I have to do is pray about it. And if I am too scared to even ask for courage to do that which is really necessary, then I can ask for help to be willing to be willing. And I also ask that my Higher Power be gentle and kind and merciful toward me. When I am really scared, that helps me."