Monday, July 11, 2011

When an alcoholic ENJOYS hurting others.

If an alcoholic ENJOYS hurting people and animals, then often------not necessarily always-----but often------ it indicates that there is also "another problem" in addition to the alcoholism.

Alcoholics usually hurt others because they are selfish and self-centered. They do NOT usually want to get caught. They do NOT usually ENJOY watching the faces of their families after they have once again, hurt them.

If a person--------alcoholic or not-------- ENJOYS hurting others----- there is usually another psychiatric disorder involved.

(The percentage of persons with "other psychiatric disorders" in the alcoholic population is roughly the same as in the non-alcoholic population. It may SEEM as if it might be higher-----but that is because when they are acting-out, they SEEM as if they are "larger than life"------and 'come off' as powerful and as if there are "more of them".)

THIS POSTING IS NOT AN EVALUATION OF ANY PARTICULAR PERSON (OBVIOUSLY) ........ The anonymous nature of the internet does NOT allow for ANY kind of psychiatric evaluation. That requires a one-to-one interaction, with full history-taking.

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